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About Kacy

If you've been enjoying the Darcy-Creek Fire Department Series, you may be a little confused right now. This is because I used to use another pen name, but for various reasons, I chose to change it. DCFD now lives here and book #5 is in the works. 

Please update your bookmarks and come see me here regularly. 

Some interesting stats about me:

I'm 26

I'm 5'7" and I won't tell you what I weigh, but I'll tell you I'm greatly monitoring my eating habits at the moment... lol. 

I love to garden, but I'm very bad at it.

I would ride regularly if I had the time and if my horse wasn't now old, hormonal, and grumpy (like I'm thinking horses maybe go through menopause??). She's become just a pet. 

I write to explore the ideas in my head. I read regularly, but sometimes I'm disappointed with what's out there, so I write what I would like to read. I have hundreds of books downloaded from Kindle, including all of my own. It's not uncommon for me to just open up one of my books and read it. I like authors like Karen Kingsbury and Dee Henderson. 

I'm up for any money making scheme, as long as it's not really a scheme (like not some get rich quick scam or something illegal). I've babysat, taught music lessons, sold composted manure off the farm (yeah, really), raised guinea pigs and lovebirds, grown pumpkins, tried to market garden (which was a flop, because remember, I'm not good at gardening!). I've also earned a bunch of money working off Fiverr, and recommend that site for when you need side cash. 

I've been business minded and loved marketing and selling things from childhood.

I can drive an 18-wheeler. 


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